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     Organizing trainings is one of the characteristics of the work performed by the Central Union. Our expert staff offers over 10 years of assistance to savings and credits associations, to create, develop their economic, financial, legal and information technology.

       Subjects included in the training modules offered by the Central Union experts are focused on the most important and new theoretical aspects with a deep emphasis on practical applications.

       Taking into consideration that future participants in training will be  managers of their savings and credits associations, where the majority are operating in rural areas, experts will adjust the modules based on their needs, which will be identified at the selection stage.

       In order to achieve effective training, for each module will be developed a  set of theoretical material, case studies and practical exercises, will be included documents in  associations circuit to be completed by the participants, which will increase understanding of the  provided information and will help to develop practical skills required of managers associations.

      At the end of the training, the participants will complete an evaluation questionnaire, which allow us to find out  the participants opinion and introduce corrective elements, if necessary.

      Also at the end of each module, experts will reserve some free time to answer to the participants questions. Based on this distribution of specified modules time, participants will receive a set of useful material. The base material will be exposed in training, and supplemental materials will serve them as additional support.

     At this moment the Central Union currently has a diversified base of about 12 consultants and experts in various fields, which offer both training services and consulting services. Many of the skills and expertise held by the Central Union consultants were accumulated in the work experience in the different areas and organizations, and as a result of their involvement in various national and international projects.

      With all attracted experts for achieving training, the Central Union has relevant experience of cooperation under various training programs and consulting for the managers of savings and loan associations. However each of them has individual work experience in their fields of specialization.


      Training and consulting areas of the Central Union 

· Analysis and evaluation of customer                      · Human Resources Management

· Management and attracting savings deposits        · Personal and managerial efficiency

· Develop Business Plans                                         · Accounting in AEI

· Management and general marketing                      · Risk management activities AEI

· Financial Management                                           · The management and use of IT programs

· Business Management                                           · Management of problematic portofolio

· Development and business reorganization             · Etc.


       At this moment there were organized two trainings for our member associations:

a) Analasys and assessment of business: the specific business, analysius strateiesy, the risks of non refund, historical cash flow and forecasting.

      The training was organized for 2 groups of 20 people each, for administrators associations and financed by Church of Sweeden, dealing with the evaluation and credit association members. The training was spent at the Labour Institute for three days for each group. In this training, 30 participants from 28 association have done studies .

b) Particularities of accounting for Savings and Credit Associations

     The training was organized for a group of 15 people for administrators of associations and financed by HEKS Moldova, dealing with accounting in associations that are at the stage of initiation in this area. The training was spent in the Academy of Economic Studies for two days. The training was organized for associations, where the accountants was hired without experience. In this training 12 participants  of 11 associations have done studies.

      For carrying out training, Central Union has appropriate technical equipment which includes the following technical resources:

- Well equipped training room

- Copier, multimedia projector, blackboard mobile, laptop

- Accounting software program, processing of statistical data

- Internet access

- Models of internal policies and regulations for associations, etc..