Central Savings and Loan Association

"Central Union"

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Legal Assistance

           The Central Savings and Credits Association "Central Union" is a non-commercial organization with a special legal status in a specialized profile, providing support for savings and loan associations and supports the development of this sector. The staff of the Savings and Credits Association  "Central Union" has specialists with extensive experience in this field which was acquired in compliance Moldovian culture and professional ethical use of effective communication can provide professional support services legal advice.

           The Central Association of Savings and Credits "Central Union" offers the opportunity to request legal assistance, in drafting of loan agreement and savings deposits, preparation of additional agreements on contract basis, preventive claims against debtors, the NCFM service Tax and other state authorities and legal entities   with state or private capital,  drafting applications for sue summons, requests for appeal, and appeal references on civil actions, claims and civil procedural steps, providing legal advice related to insurance and enforcement of the courts, judicial mediation on how to claim a refund formed after the loan, providing consultancy in the field of expansion through merger, absorption or creation of representations and subsidiaries SCA.

            These legal services are always receptive to improve your work associations, and to the resolution of the legal necessity.

          Legal Counsel of Central Association of Savings and Credits "Central Union" may also intervene with the operation of proposals related to legal changes to remove gaps, existing conflicts, eminent standardize and streamline overall business loan associations, advisory support in drafting, regulations, policy savings and credits associations.

          Hoping for a fruitful collaboration and to ensure the necessary assistance to  member associations of Central Savings and Credits Association "Central Union" will be happy to intervene when necessary, fully functioning and achieving our common assumptions.