Central Savings and Loan Association

"Central Union"

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Our Activity


        The Mission  of Central Association of Savings and Credits "Central Union" is to be focused on the needs of its members, to provide multiple services under the law in order to develop them as financial-economic, legal and with information technologies, striving to achieve perfection to create new jobs and raise living standards of the society in which we operate. Our goal is to be recognized as leaders in the services we offer to members and employers.


           Values ​​of the Central Association of Savings and Credit "Central Union" are:

  • We are always there for our members!
  • We are professionals in achieving our goals !
  • We are committed to performance!
  • We are entrepreneurs and we give support  to other entrepreneurs!
  • We are always ready to provide access to any information!


          The main purpose of the activity is defending the interests and rights of Association’s members in their relations with state, creditors and other organizations which interact with our members. Central Union also has other goals such as:

a) to accept and administrate the investments in The Liquidity Fund from the members;        

b) to provide assistance to members from The Liquidity Funds in order to maintain their liquidity;

c) to organize the trainings for the members staff;

d) to provide methodological assistance to members;

e) to obtain credit resources from the financial market and international organizations;

f) to submit proposals to the National Commission of Financial Market about the normative acts which regulating activities of savings and credits associations;

h) to perform work delegated by the National Commission under the signed agreements;

j) to provide legal assistance to perfecting  internal documents and recovery of problematical credits;

i) to develop and provide specialized programs for the accounting and administration the activities of our members;

l) perform other activities which do not contradict law.